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  • SFP Gpon C+ ZTE

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ZTE GPON OLT CLASS C ++ - this SFP transceiver C ++ class that is one of the latest developments "ZTE" company. Its main advantage is the quality of the laser which is as claimed by the manufacturer, up from +5 to +7 dBm while other manufacturers offer power +4 dBm. Transmission speed transceiver data reaches 1.25 Gbit.s

The sensitivity of the module reaches -32 dBm, which is also very important, as in a PON network, any little thing comes into play. Operating frequencies TX (1490DFB) RX (1310APD) nm Operating temperature from -5 to +70 degrees Celsius operating range up to 20 km. Compatible and tested with OLT BDCOM and ZTE companies working in GPON and EPON in technology.

endor code                                                     LTE3680P-BC + 2DM 

laser                                                               class C ++ 

Power                                                            +3 To +7 dBm 

Sensitivity                                                     -32 dBm 

Working temperature                                    -5 To +70 

Range of                                                       up to 20 km 

The data rate                                                2488 Mbit.s 

The speed of receiving data                        1244 Mbit.s 

Frequency of receiving data                        RX (1310) APD 

Data Rate                                                   TX (1490) DFB 

The voltage range in volts (VCC)                from 3.135 to 3.465 

Support Mode EPON                                  Yes 

GPON mode support                                  Yes 

Compliance                                                ITU-G.984.2 

connector Type                                          SC  

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